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Feed Mill

Super Chicken Poultry Products has maintaining feed mill for broiler. Cost of feeding in case of broiler is around 70 percent of total expenditure and basically two types of ration is feed to the birds. Broiler starter ration characterized by high crude protein(22 percent) and less metabolizable energy, whereas, the finisher ration consists of less CP and more metabolizable energy.

Feed consumption under normal condition is around 100g/d/bird, though it varies from 50-120g/d depending upon various environmental and management system.

Maize, soya DCP, Sterlized Fish, shell git, Dry fish, RB-oil, etc and other unconventional feed ingredients may be incorporated. However, barley is not incorporated in higher quantity due to presence of endoglucan contentand birds are deficient of endogluconase enzyme.So during the formulation of the ration of the broiler, priority should be given to on anti nutritional and toxic factors in the feed ingredients and maximum limit of incorporation in the ration. BIS specification for requirement of broiler which should be in mind for computation of ration.

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