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Super Chicken Poultry Products is concentrating mainly on Broiler productions. Broiler may be defined as the young chicken of either sex, below 8 weeks of age, weighing 1.4-2.0 kg body weight with tender, soft, pliable smooth textured meat and flexible breast. Broiler are very sophisticated and subtle enterprise which is very economical when reared with great care in terms of nutrition and disease management. In India presently, high quality chicks, equipment, vaccines and medicines are available. Technically and professionally competent guidance is also available to the farmers.

The management pratices have improved and disease and mortally incidents are much reduced. Broilers farming has several advantages like low initial investment and faster return of investment . The rearing peroid is 6 to 7 weeks only and more number of flocks can be taken in the same shed. Due to its high feed conversion efficiency minimum amount of feed is required for unit body weight. Our Broiler division are located at Palladam (Administrative/ Branch Office).

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