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Breeding Farms


Breeding Farms

Super Chicken Poultry Products has been maintaining a Broiler breeding farm in Palladam. The envisaged capacity of the Farm is to near 50,000 parents and hatching 56 Lakhs eggs per annum. Presently we are producing and distributing about 1,00,000 chicks per week. Parental stock of broiler consists of a female line and male lines are selected at their eight weeks of age. Those which weigh the most in each breed are the ones chosen for breeding purposes.

The female lines from birds of White Rock background and the male lines are from the birds of Cornish ancestry. Hybrid vigour in next generation is obtained by systematic mating that may involve the crossing of different birds as stated, may be among different strains of same bird or in breed lines. The end product of all well planned selected crosses should be to produce a chick which will be white in color, yellow sanked, grows faster than either of the parents with tender meat and flexible breast cartilage.

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